Fitness and nutrition support for people who want to start saying I will instead of I can’t

A private studio with a one on one approach to fitness and nutrition that helps you conquer commercial gymphobia and reconnects you with a healthy life balance.

Did you say private studio?

You betcha! No more worrying about crowded gyms, confusing equipment or witnessing a near fight to the death between fellow gym-goers over a pair of dumbbells. Enjoy the pursuit of great glutes in the comfort of a private studio where you’re the centre of attention with your trainer, not a dozen strangers.

Get fit, stay fit

From fed up to freed up, follow a fitness plan that suits your lifestyle and encourages positive and sustainable changes for long-term success. Let’s start obsessing over what makes us feel good, instead of stressing out over treadmills and fad diets.

They say a goal without a plan is just a wish. Let’s create the last fitness plan you’ll ever need, by helping you set small goals to allow for more frequent wins. Gain back your confidence and reconnect with a healthier, stronger you through a personalised fitness program that suits your day to day and lasts a lifetime.

Balanced nutrition plans (with room for dessert)

It’s time to ditch the fad diets and start building a healthier, guilt-free mindset around your nutrition. Stop wasting your time and money on yo-yo lifestyles and start fueling your body for longer with balanced and nutritious meals instead. I help match unrestrictive meal plans to every taste, dietary requirement and schedule. 

Meal planning isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. I help people create long-term results through small habit and behaviour changes. I’ll work with you to build out a meal plan that doesn’t feel like you’re on a meal plan by combining foods you’ll enjoy without disrupting your normal routine. A flexible meal plan that says you can still order your favourite dessert without sabotaging your goals – Jackpot!

Georgia Peterson Personal Training
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